adding to the list of tall skinny object head oc’s inspired by modmad and 0chromat - this dapper young fellow, name pending, has a flurry of playing cards for a head and apparently enjoys contact juggling


object head persona

reblogging because i forgot to add my tag and i didn’t expect reblogs ;;

object head persona

for werewolfpup

the life of an artist

Chloe in partial demon form

An experiment in speed sketching. I allowed myself 5 minutes for each face.

Chibi Commissions

Three different styles, all $5/ea

Send me an ask or email me at

Can do any humans, animals, anthros, as clothed or unclothed as desired

I will not draw babies

Reblogs are greatly appreciated (:

Screenshot redraw, The Walking Dead

I wanted to draw it using the art style of the game, because I really love Telltale Games’ art style.

Inspired by (x) Tom Milsom, Be Careful With Me

superhero romance